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Rental Process

Here are a few quick steps for getting your rental equipment. Be sure to click on each step to get a closer look and speed your way to the slopes!

Fill out Rental Forms
Get Fitted for Boots
Get Fitted for Rental Skis or Rental Snowboard
Get Poles and Rental Helmets at Register
Carve up the Slopes


Filling out Rental Forms

Fill out one form per person, and be sure to fill out all the sections in red including height, weight, age, and skier type. It might be a bit personal but we need all this information so that we can correctly set up your rental skis (and don't worry we won't tell anyone your real age, scouts honor). Make sure you don't lose your rental form, don't leave it sitting around on the table or it might get lost with another groups rental forms.

You can also fill out your rental forms ahead of time, to save some time waiting in line, by downloading the Rental Form from our site. Our normal rental forms include a carbon copy that we give to you when you check out. So if you print off your own form to bring in, it's a good idea to right down your equipment number somewhere safe so that you can reference that while you are on the slopes.

Skier Type
Your skier type tells us how easily you want your bindings to release with a Type I likely to release on most falls, and a Type III not likely to come off. Skier type does not effect your ski length.

Type I Type II Type III

Type I skiers are cautious on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch, and also applies to entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification.

Type II skiers are those that are no longer type I and not yet type III.

Type III skiers ski fast on slopes of moderate to steep pitch.

Rider Stance
If you are renting a snowboard we’ll need to know which foot you want forward. If you ride a skateboard, or wakeboard you’ll want to use the same foot forward. You can also use the same foot you would step up with first when climbing a set of stairs or lead with when sliding across a floor or slick surface.


Fitting Boots

While you are filling out your form, we'll get you some boots to try on. We just need to know your normal shoe size and if you want to ski or snowboard. Once you are done filling out the form try your boots on. If they don't fit bring them to us and let us know if you would like to go up or down a size (sorry we don't have any half sizes). Once you have boots that fit, roll your rental form up in one boot, and put that on a workbench. We'll give you a shout when we are ready to move you onto the next step.

When sizing a ski boot you will want to unlatch all the buckles and pull up on the boot tongue to make it easier to get into the boot. With the boot buckled, stand up and flex forward at your knee to check for heel lift and toe room. Overall, the boot should fit tightly on your foot.

When trying on snowboard boots: Be sure to loosen both the outer and inner boots when trying them on. When checking the fit be sure to have both the inner laces cinched tight and the outer boot tied firmly. You want the boot to fit snuggly but comfortably with room to wiggle your toes.


Fitting Rental Skis or Rental Snowboards

We have tons of equipment for you to rent, the only question is what you want to try: Downhill Skis (also known as Alpine Skis), Snowboards, Ski Blades, Cross Country Skis, Snowshoes, and of course our Demo Skis and Performance Snowboards. Don't worry about size, we can help you with that when you arrive, but if you already know what size you like let us know and we will gladly send you out with skis or a board of the same length.

If you skied on 220s or 190s back in the day, you might just find us trying to fit you up on a ski almost half that length. Skis have a changed a lot: rather then being a simple straight shape where the tip, tail, and waist are the same width, all skis are now made with an hourglass shape. This allows for much easier ski turning and control, with a much shorter ski.

Downhill Skis
Also known as Alpine Skis or Snow Skis; these are probably our most common rental. A lot of what makes them more popular is that you can pick up on the basics pretty quickly, making it easier to get out there and enjoy more then just the bunny hill.

A bit trickier to learn then the skiing, but once you get the basics figured out its all downhill (which is a good thing when you're shredding the slopes). Snowboarding is a lot of fun and is becoming more popular every season. If you've already mastered skis, or you just don't want to follow the herd, try a board and see how it feels.

Ski Blades
These are really short skis (90cm) for adults. They can be a lot of fun since you can control them with great ease, but beware they do not release in a fall and can cause serious injury.

Cross Country Skis and Snowshoes
If you're looking for a more leisurely activity, or want to get in some good clean aerobic exercise, cross country skis or snowshoes are just the ticket for you. When there is bountiful natural snowfall you can find excellent trails at any of Garrett County's many State Parks, and Wisp Resort also grooms their golf course for use.

Demo SkisIf you are tired of renting or if you are looking for some new skis; then check out a set of our Demo Skis. We stock the latest models and have them for sale at our retail store location.


Poles and Accessories

When sizing your ski poles for downhill skiing, hold them upside down with your hand under the basket and your arms at your sides, your elbow should form a ninety degree angle. For Cross Country skiing the pole should come up into your armpit, allowing for a nice push while you are kicking and gliding.

Every year we have people ask if they should get a helmet; well it's a matter of choice: most of our staff feel helmets are a great idea and wear one every time we go out. Our choice has nothing to do with how we ski or our ability levels; we choose to wear a helmet, because we never know what the other guy is going to do.
When sizing yourself for a helmet it should fit snugly, and should stay in place when you shake your head.



Once you have everyone in the group fitted up with skis, snowboards, and boots, head up to the registers with your forms (not the equipment) and we will get you setup with poles, helmets, and get you paid up. If you have any coupons or vouchers make sure you present them now as we can not apply them to your rental after you have already paid.

We will also want to know how long you intend to rent; if you're not sure, or the weather is questionable you can also rent day by day. Just pay for the first day (or days you are sure of), and then call us before we close on the due date if you decided you want to hang on to them for another day or two. How ever long you end up renting, the rentals will be due back 15 minutes after the slopes close (9pm Tue-Sat 5pm Sun-Mon on your last day.

With all our rentals we also require a security deposit which can be either a signed imprint of a credit card or we can hang on to your driver's license for the duration of the rental.


While You Were (Are) Skiing

While you are on the slopes, make sure that you are taking care by staying on the trail, avoiding rocks, and staying out of the terrain park and parking lot (both will destroy your equipment). Make sure you keep a close eye on your rentals: if you go inside for a break it is a good idea to use the ski check or lock up your equipment so it isn't stolen by someone else (accidently or intentionally). Pay close attention to the number on your forms and the numbers engraved on your equipment.

We like to keep our skis and snowboards in the best shape possible, so that you can enjoy your day without worrying about your equipment. If you do have any problems with your equipment while you are out, please come back to the shop or give us a call, and we will happily fix the problem.


Returning your Equipment

After a fun filled time on the slopes, it's time to head back to reality. Before you can do that, however, you need to return your rental equipment. Before leaving the slopes refer to your yellow copy of the rental form, and verify that you have all the right equipment (skis, snowboards, poles, helmets, and boots).

After checking that you have all your gear (and the right gear), head up to the shop so that we can get it checked in. To make things simpler for us and faster for you, we will ask you to organize your entire group's equipment in one location separate from any other returning parties (for brownie points be sure to buckle or lace up your boots). This will allow us to get an accurate count, and identify and inspect your equipment. Once we have verified that you have returned all of your equipment, and any damages, late fees, or extensions have been paid for, you are free to go.



At this time we do not offer reservations. The reason for this is simple: Since so much of the equipment is based on sizing and fit, and quantities are limited, it's hard to insure that we will be able to fit you properly if you decide you need to change sizes.